They helped me navigate the list of requirements getting a gas tank at my house so that I can use my gas appliances expertly and with exceptional customer service. I recommend them to everyone I know. It was very easy to schedule the install, and they helped ensure...
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We moved into a home that had a locked tank. When the servicemen came out to unlock it they said we had 100 gallons. The only thing hooked to the tank was gas logs. After several friends in the area told us that Revere tended to over-charge and have horrible service we...
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Gloucester Courthouse, Virginia
Today 12/22/2015 I have tried to log on to to make a payment and been denied access by my Kaspersky anti virus "object infected by HEUR:Trojan.Script.Generic". On contacting the office advised "yes we have had complaints our IT dept has checked with...
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Reveres service guy won't even begin to.fix anything they have sold you if it is over 10 years old. He disses the product Revere sold you and suggests you go to Revere and check out their latest special. He really sucks. My extremely great and big fireplace propane...
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HVAC Mechanic

Sadly, a new common factor in the HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Condition) industry is that they "cut costs" by laying off their salesmen, cutting the mechanic's salary, and t...


What was the cost difference between having the ten year old system fixed versus replacing it with the new system?

Dutton, Virginia
I am mentally disabled and unemployed in the process of filing for disability. Last year James City County Social Services bought me heating equipment for the winter. The city picked and hired the company, not me, and a man from Revere Gas came out to take...
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Your dumb

Must not be to mental if your posting all this my guess your black and just trying to live off government and anyone else you f over proboly just botching to get more free gas


Revere Gas Account Review

Revere Gas
Paying your bill on line was a pain in the neck. Now they have a so called "new system" it won't let me pay it on there either. Revere changed my acct # but failed to let me know. It still won't let me register.Says my email is already in use. I finally had to mail it,will probably get a late fee. Super frustrating!! Tried to call 4 times.Got no one on the line!!